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Arizona Burglary Attorney

An overview: burglary, theft, shoplifting, and robbery in Arizona

Arizona law classifies stealing in various ways—burglary, theft, robbery, and shoplifting. If you are charged with one of these offenses, you face potentially serious consequences if convicted, and should seek an experienced Arizona theft attorney to protect your rights. Jesse Smith brings decades of trial experience to the courtroom when defending your case.

Burglary charges

Merely entering the premises with the intent to steal qualifies as burglary. Entering a residential structure is more serious than a residential yard or commercial structure. The most serious burglary charges (a class two felony) are assigned to possessing explosives, a deadly weapon, or dangerous instrument while burglarizing a residence.

Theft and Shoplifting

There are many different types of theft, and the severity of the crime is based on the monetary value of stolen goods—with greater values resulting in more severe felony charges.

Shoplifting is theft from a retail store. While concealing goods and slipping out the door without paying is one type of shoplifting, other methods of cheating store owners are also considered shoplifting:

  • Charging items without authorization through another person’s name or to a fictitious name
  • Using trickery to change a price tag for a lesser price
  • Transferring items to a different container

Shoplifting goods valued under $2,000 is a misdemeanor, and shoplifting goods above $2,000 in value is a class five felony. However, previous shoplifting convictions or theft crimes can raise charges to a class four felony.

Did you know that parents of a minor caught shoplifting may face civil charges based on the child’s stealing? Consult an Arizona shoplifting attorney for more details.


Aggravated robbery (a class three felony) occurs when one or more accomplices are present during the robbery. Armed robbery is an even more serious offense (class two felony) and involves either the use or threat of using a deadly weapon or simulated deadly weapon.

Jesse Smith is a Tucson criminal defense attorney with decades of experience. He aggressively defends clients at trial and also argues cases through appeal, taking cases all the way to the Supreme Court if appropriate. Having an experienced criminal law attorney in Tucson at your side making motions to suppress evidence, seeking case dismissal, or pursuing other defense strategies can be a relief and can make a significant difference in case outcome.

If you have been arrested and charged with Arizona theft, contact D. Jesse Smith. Call (520) 623-8343, toll free at (866) 675-8180 to, or fill out our online contact form .

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