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Ambitious. Creative. Experienced. Criminal Law Attorney serving Tucson, AZ since 1983

Tucson Criminal Lawyer

Former Pima County Prosecutor

Jesse Smith, a Tucson criminal defense lawyer, has over thirty-five years of experience defending people accused of crimes. Prior to crossing the aisle to serve as a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Smith served as a prosecuting attorney in Pima County for seven years. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Smith has a keen understanding of the tactics used to convict defendants and how to respond to those tactics.

Attorney Smith has over 35 years experience in all aspects of criminal law in Arizona.

Regardless of the accusation, Jesse Smith approaches each case with the understanding that the stakes are high for his clients. A conviction can alter irrevocably the course of a person’s life—impacting family relationships, career prospects, and personal goals. Mr. Smith aggressively represents his clients throughout all stages of the process, treating their interests as his own.

The advantage of experience

Clients of Jesse Smith’s criminal defense law firm in Tucson benefit from his years in the courtroom. The advantage of Mr. Smith’s experience is apparent in many aspects related to your case and his tested approach to negotiating reduced charges and sentencing:

  • Familiarity with charges and typical outcomes
  • Experience defending before local prosecutors and judges
  • Confidence in the courtroom when presenting arguments and cross-examining witnesses
  • Frank advice to clients about what to expect and what is possible

Meeting client needs

For Jesse Smith, providing “personalized attention” to clients is not a catchphrase. If you have concerns about your case, Mr. Smith is ready to listen and answer your questions. He makes it a point to respond promptly to calls and emails from clients and to make himself accessible throughout the trial.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Arizona, contact Jesse Smith, criminal lawyer in Tucson. Call (520) 623-8343, toll free at (866) 675-8180 to, or fill out our online contact form.

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